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Starter Box Special

Starter Box Special

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This is taster box of starter items that helps you have creative fun without buying lots of different products that you may not use. 

Ideal for the beginner

The products in this box will vary and is a random selection! You will not receive every item in the photo it will be a select few of each of them scroll down for more information.


Full Set of Wet Chalks, apply them to clean damp hair.
3 x Opawz Paint Pens, rub or draw onto a clean finished coat.
3 x Opawz Blow Pens, blow through them, watch the colour come out, best on clean light hair.
2 x Funky Colour Shampoos, apply to a freshly washed wet dog.
2 x Dry Opawz chalks, rub the pallet or use a brush to apply to a clean dry coat.
3 x Reusable Stencils,  A perfect match with the blow pens or chalks.
5 x Stick on Stencil, another perfect match with blow pens or chalks.

And a selection of glitters, because everyone needs more sparkle in their life!