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Professional Indian Inks

Professional Indian Inks

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This Bombay India Ink from Dr. Ph. Martin comes in a set of 12 colours in 30ml dropper bottles. This product is not designed for dogs but safe for them, it only coats and does not affect the hair in any way. It is important to use an airbrush in a well ventilated, large area as there will be a small amount of fumes from all airbrush products and should never get it anywhere near the pets mouth or eyes. The ink is heavily pigmented India Ink which is both lightfast and waterproof when dry so needs a good scrub in the bath.  

  • 30ml dropper-stopper glass bottle.
  • Truly vibrant colours and easy to work with.
  • Inks can be diluted with water and used in the  airbrush. Mixing them with rubbing alcohol will help them to dry quicker.
  • They are all acid free and are non-toxic.